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The Virtual Abs Academy

30-Days of workouts to help change the way your core looks and feels.

We are excited to invite you to our first Virtual Abs Academy, FOCUSED ON building a stronger core and avoiding back pain, helping you find your abs, increasing performance, change the look of your core, AND SO MUCH MORE.
PLUS, receive an alternate plan for back pain and how to avoid it with ab workouts.

What You Will Get: ($200 value)
What to do to train your core effectively with YouTube links to video demonstrations
Pictures of good vs. bad forms of ab workouts to follow
Calendar of workouts to follow weekly
Video presentation of how the core truly works, why you need core stability and stiffness for injury prevention and athletic performance
Live Q&A via Zoom for follow-up, questions, concerns--DATE TBD!
Participants who register and pay will receive a private link with details to access video's, workouts, and the LIVE zoom link to the webinar, set for a later date.
If you enter our 30-Day Virtual Abs Challenge, you could win $100 gift card!

About the Presenter's

  Dr. Jared Shoemaker, is a Doctor of Chiropractic Care at InMotion Spine Muscle and Joint in Maize, KS. He and his wife, Dr. Meryl Miller, co-own the business where they both practice. He specializes in assessing and correcting movement patterns for all athletes, to improve joint stability, range of motion, relieve pain, and increase performance and power.

Anna Woods, is the founder of sheSTRENGTH, an online fitness, mindset and strength training app for women.  She coaches women from her barn gym in Central Kansas.

She is an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and coach and has coached 100’s of women to their personal fitness goals over the last 16 years. 


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