Expert Chiropractic Care for Low Back Pain in Wichita, KS: Your Path to Relief

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Are you struggling with low back pain, sciatica, or a herniated disc? You’re not alone. Many in Wichita, KS, face these debilitating issues, but help is readily available. In this blog, we explore how a local chiropractor, specializing in spinal adjustments and physical therapy, offers a dual approach to treat your back pain effectively.

Above: Simple Mckenzie lateral glide exercises applied to the proper patient with a lateral disc bulge. The patient was unable to bend forward or bear weight on her left leg due to back pain that would travel down her left leg.

Alt text: Person experiencing low back pain before engaging in McKenzie exercises for pain relief.

Above: Properly selected exercises identifying directional preference can rapidly change pain and range of motion.

Understanding Low Back Pain, Disc Herniation, and Sciatica

Low back pain can arise from various factors including poor posture, injury, or chronic conditions such as disc herniation and sciatica. Disc herniation occurs when the disc material presses on a nerve, while sciatica is characterized by pain that radiates along the sciatic nerve, affecting your back, hips, and legs.

Why Choose a Wichita Chiropractor Specializing in Adjustments and Physical Therapy?

Choosing a chiropractor specializing in chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy can significantly enhance your path to recovery. Here’s how our comprehensive approach in Wichita can benefit you:

  • Targeted Chiropractic Adjustments: By improving function in the spine, chiropractic adjustments reduce nerve irritability, improve mobility, and allow your body to heal naturally without invasive procedures or medications.
  • Functional Physical Therapy: Coupled with adjustments, physical therapy provides a holistic treatment plan. It includes personalized exercises to strengthen muscles, enhance flexibility, and reduce the likelihood of future pain.
  • At InMotion Spine Muscle Joint our unique approach to chiropractic allows us to give a tailored approach to each patient. We never treat our patients the same even if they have identical conditions. Our goal is to identify individuals’ key links that are causing damage and fix them. This helps to alleviate symptoms and prevent future damage and occurrence. 
  • Traditional chiropractors offer the same adjustments to all patients on every visit. Conventional physical therapy provides a list of exercises that are often ineffective at best and sometimes increase damage and irritation.

Our Specialized Techniques for Treating Lower Back Issues

Our Wichita-based clinic employs cutting-edge techniques tailored to address the root cause of your pain:

  • Mckenzie Method: Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT), is a comprehensive assessment and treatment approach. It focuses on self-assessment and self-treatment techniques, particularly for spinal pain. MDT involves patient education and specific exercises that emphasize active patient involvement, which helps minimize pain quickly and manage recurrences independently. This method is particularly beneficial for treating spinal disc herniation and sciatica by identifying specific movements and positions that alleviate pain and restore function, offering an effective and empowering treatment option.
  • DNS: Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) is a therapeutic approach based on developmental movement patterns. DNS is particularly effective in treating disc herniation by activating the body’s innate stabilization system, acting as the body’s natural spinal decompression. Spinal decompression is often a first-line treatment for disc herniation and sciatica. This method enhances the body’s ability to distribute stresses evenly, reducing the load on the herniated disc and alleviating pain. Patients undergoing DNS therapy often experience improved posture, movement efficiency, and overall stability, significantly aiding in the healing and prevention of future spinal issues.
  • Dry Needling: Dry needling is a therapeutic technique for treating musculoskeletal pain, including the discomfort caused by disc herniation and low back pain. By inserting thin, sterile needles into specific myofascial trigger points, dry needling helps release muscle tension, alleviate spasms, and improve nerve function, significantly reducing pain in the affected area. Patients experiencing dry needling often report quick relief from chronic pain and an enhanced ability to engage in physical activities, making it a valuable component of a comprehensive pain management strategy.
  • Chiropractors who blend these techniques need fewer treatments to heal disc herniation and low back pain. Patients undergoing a combination of these approaches are much more likely to return to normal activities and less likely to experience recurrence.

 Your First Visit Explained

Your first visit will involve a comprehensive exam to identify the damaged disc or “pinched” nerve, but more importantly why this tissue is being damaged and what can be done to heal it. This allows us to tailor treatment to the individual. Also in the unlikely case of red flags, our doctors are skilled on when to make the right referral.

Ready to Experience Relief?

Don’t let back pain dictate your life. If you are in Wichita, KS,  suffering from low back pain, disc herniation, or sciatica, contact us today to schedule your consultation. Find out how our specialized blend of chiropractic and physical therapy can get you out of pain. Book your appointment today! 316-295-4703 or visit our website at


When choosing a chiropractor in Wichita be sure to look for one that offers an individualized treatment approach focused on patient education and empowerment. Disc herniation and Sciatica can be very painful and scary but they are common and can be managed effectively with the correct approach. Visit us to start your journey toward a pain-free life and resume the activities you love!


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