Attn: Personal Trainers/Coaches!

Coming December 9 to Wichita, KS A CEU Workshop for Personal Trainers, Coaches, and other Practitioners ***A percentage of proceeds will go toward the Maize


Developing the 7-12th Grade Athlete

A Personal Development Course for the Coach/Teacher Who Has to Do It All When: October 5, 2022 8 am-12 pm CST* Where: Hutchinson Community College, Justice Theater

Pain Relief

The Virtual Abs Academy: Addressing Low Back Pain A snippet of a video from The Virtual Abs Academy:  Addressing Low Back Pain.  Dr. Jared Shoemaker demonstrates how lack of movement in the


Unilateral Movements=Thorax Mobilization

Unilateral Movements=Thoracic  Mobility Thorax stiffness is a major problem faced by anyone dealing with human movement.  Trainers and manual therapists work with it every day.

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