Why Choose InMotion Spine Muscle Joint?

InMotion Spine Muscle Joint is unlike any other chiropractic or manual care center in the area. We offer an evidence-based, integrated approach to healthcare.  


 The “team” of doctor and patient both play a major role in the success of our  treatment plans. 

  • Stretches, rehab exercises, and/or lifestyle modifications. 
  • Each treatment plan is unique to each patient’s situation. 
  • We educate our patients to help them understand their condition and take an active role in living a healthy, functional, and pain-free lifestyle. 
  • Our doctors provide comprehensive care by blending the best techniques in the field of manual therapy from chiropractors, physical therapists, neurologists, and medical doctors.


We bring a different model of care than your typical chiropractor. 

  • A functional examination analyzes both your area of concern and other associated areas. 
  •  Our functional approach addresses the entire body and how it works as a kinetic chain, and our functional treatment can improve not only your pain, but your overall stability, strength, and mobility. 

Meet Our Patient's

Meet Terri.

"Dr. Miller has been and will always be a valuable resource in my health care questions and needs."

Meet Amy.

"I started working with Dr. Shoemaker to help correct a shoulder injury that flared up during weight lifting, he helped me understand what was going wrong..."

Meet Charissa.

"...Dr. Meryl is incredibly knowledgeable about pregnancy and how the body works and changes..."

Meet Danielle.

"Dr. Shoemaker listened to me and I felt heard. He understood that I did not want to have surgery at 34 and he was able to help me..."

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