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At InMotion we give you care and resources to get back to moving pain-free.

The InMotion Difference

Chiropractic Care in Wichita, Kansas

InMotion Spine Muscle Joint offers a different model of care to our patients in the Wichita and Maize area. We blend the best techniques in the world of treating pain under one roof. 

Global Ideas, Locally Focused

We have traveled around the United States and the globe learning from some of the best minds so that we can help our patients find pain relief quickly all while allowing them to do the things they love.


We do not treat the recovery process for our patients with pain or injury in a one-size-fits-all way. We combine a variety of treatment techniques and exercises to speed recovery, which includes patient-empowerment.


Our goal at InMotion is to empower and educate our patients to take an active role in the recovery process. Helping our patients understand the cause and source of the condition being treated allows us to quickly help reduce pain as well as prevent future pain.

Chiropractor performing spinal adjustment on a patient's back

Training & Performance

We love to help athletes reach their goals. As former collegiate athletes, Drs. Shoemaker and Miller understand the unique demands of being an athlete.

Whether you want to improve performance or need help recovering from an injury. InMotion is here to help.




Let's Learn & Grow Together

Virtual Courses

Our online courses give you expert knowledge and insights into improving your body.


Watch free video content with snippets of useful tips, tricks, and techniques provided by our Doctors.


Stay up to date with the latest InMotion news or enjoy quick reads with useful information.

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