InMotion Spine Muscle Joint

Dr. Meryl Miller, Dr. Jared Shoemaker

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Sinus Trouble Bleeding Disorders Parkinson's Disease
Anemia Anxiety Cancer
Osteoporosis Epilepsy Migraines
Rheumatic Fever Stroke Pneumonia
Tuberculosis Hypertension Prostate Problem
High Cholesterol Psychiatric Care Other

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AIDS/HIV Self Grandparent Parent
Arthritis Self Grandparent Parent
Bleeding Disorders Self Grandparent Parent
Cancer Self Grandparent Parent
Endocrine/Glandular (eg. Diabetes, thyroid) Self Grandparent Parent
Hepatitis Self Grandparent Parent
Immune Self Grandparent Parent
Stroke/TIA Self Grandparent Parent
Circulatory Problems (blood, heart) Self Grandparent Parent
Ear, Nose, and Throat Self Grandparent Parent
High Blood Pressure Self Grandparent Parent
Heart Problems Self Grandparent Parent
Neurological (Brain, nerves) Self Grandparent Parent
Gastrointestinal (stomach, intestines) Self Grandparent Parent
Muscle/Joint/Bone Self Grandparent Parent
Genitourinary (Kidney, Prostate, Urinary) Self Grandparent Parent
Psychological Self Grandparent Parent
Respiratory (Lungs, Breathing) Self Grandparent Parent
Skin Self Grandparent Parent

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