Chiropractic care is covered under many insurance plans.  Most of our patients that have health or accident insurance will fall under one of the plans discussed in this policy.  InMotion Spine Muscle Joint requires that you read and understand our policy as it applies to your particular situation.

Patients Without Insurance

Payment in full is required at the time of each visit.  We are happy to accept cash, check, Mastercard, or Visa.  Financial arrangements may be available, depending on individual circumstance.  Please consult with Dr. Miller or Dr. Shoemaker to set up these arrangements or with any questions you may have.

Group or Individual Insurance

As a courtesy, InMotion Spine Muscle Joint is accepting assignment on your bill which means that your insurance company is to pay us directly for your treatment.  It is important to remember that YOU, not your insurance company or attorney, are responsible for the payment of your fees in this office.

We allow 90 days from the time of service rendered for your insurance to reimburse us.  After that time period, you will be responsible for all fees incurred.  If at any time your insurance company accidentally sends a reimbursement check to you instead of us, please contact us immediately.

When possible, we will call to verify benefits on your insurance.  However, the benefits quoted to us by your insurance carrier are not a guarantee or payment and ultimately, you are responsible for your bill.  Payment will be due by you at the time of service for any non-covered services, deductibles or co-pays.


We do accept assignment from Medicare.  The check is usually sent directly to our office in payment of services that Medicare will cover.  For chiropractic, only manual manipulation of the spine is covered.  Medicare pays 80% of the allowable fee once the deductible has been met.  You are required to pay the deductible and the remaining 20%.  You are also responsible for any non-covered services for Medicare.  Our office will file the forms for Medicare at no charge.

Worker’s Compensation

If you are injured on the job, your care should be paid for under your employer’s Worker’s Compensation Insurance.  You will need to inform your employer of the accident and obtain the name and address of the carrier of their insurance.  If your employer does not provide us with this information, if a settlement has not been made within 90 days, or if you suspend or terminate care, any fees and services are immediately due and payable by you.

Personal Injury

As a courtesy, we accept assignment of benefits from the liable insurance company.  However, due to the legal issues involved in any motor vehicle crash, we require our patients to either file their med-pay on their own policy or retain an attorney.

If you do not have an attorney, we will be happy to refer you to several from which you can choose.  If you do choose to retain an attorney, we will file all costs of your care directly with him/her.  This will be done after you have reached maximum medical improvement and have been discharged from care.

When you are injured and liability has been established, you deserve medical attention.  Although the insurance company assuming liability should pay all the costs this does not always occur.  Therefore, you are ultimately responsible for your bill.

We will wait for the settlement up to six (6) months after your care is completed.  Once the claim is settled or if you suspend or terminate care, any fees or services are due and payable by you.

It is in your best interest if you follow the doctor’s instructions to obtain maximum medical improvement.  InMotion Spine Muscle Joint wants what is best for your health.  If you miss a scheduled appointment or allow a time-lapse between treatments, your body may not heal as it should.  Furthermore, your insurance carrier may feel your injuries do not warrant care and decide not to pay.  If this should occur, YOU, not the insurance company, are responsible for all fees and services.

Managed Care Plans
We are a participating provider to a number of managed care plans.

Secondary Insurance
Please inform us of any secondary insurance you may have.  We will assist you if you need help filing it.


I have read and agree to the terms outlined in the payment policy of InMotion Spine Muscle Joint.  I understand that payment is due at the time of service.  I understand that my insurance is an arrangement between myself and my insurance company, NOT between InMotion Spine Muscle Joint and my insurance company.  I request that InMotion Spine Muscle Joint prepare the customary forms at no charge so that I may obtain insurance benefits.  I also understand that if my insurance does not respond within 90 days or if I suspend or terminate my schedule of care, the fees will be due and payable immediately.

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